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Poverty alleviation leads to critical ecological dynamics

A new paper by Zhang et al 2015 'Poverty alleviation strategies in eastern China leads to critical ecological dynamics' shows how ...

Safe and Just Operating Spaces

Yesterday saw the publication of Dearing et al (2014) ...

Eyes on The Storm

There's a new research blog launched this week by John Dearing called Eyes on The Storm...

Complex social-ecological systems: linking theory and reality

Improved understanding of real world social-ecological systems is seen by many as one of the major challenges facing management of food supply, biodiversity and other ecosystem services across the world. Complexity theory - including variants like resilience theory - has pointed to the importance of utilizing mathematical concepts and models to better understand the nonlinear, emergent effects in such systems that lead to unpredictable changes such as critical transitions. Our aim is to take stock of how complexity theory may be applied to real world situations.